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“African Americans 7 Deadly Sins” Lecture by Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson

Dr.Umar Adbullah-Johnson speaking in Muskegon, Michigan at the Cultural Enrichment series presented by 103.7 The Beat.

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8 Responses to ““African Americans 7 Deadly Sins” Lecture by Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson”

  1. Akil says:

    As usual, Dr. Umar Johnson “goes in” on debilitating and seemingly covert forces working against African people throughout the African diaspora. He says things that many more of us should be saying, and knows things that many more of us should know. I try my best to take his words and provide them to my high school students that I teach here in Philadelphia (and peers) in the hopes that they will be motivated to embrace a revolutionary thought pattern and eventually become free.

  2. Brother Umar…Keep doing what it is you do good brother….We need you as we know you need us….to awaken….Peace…Namaste

  3. Dennis Wanjama says:

    I have listened to Dr. Umar Johnson and I am proud of being African actually from Kenya. I want to help change our slavery mentality from the white supremacy, I want to do something for my People. keep up your good work.
    Actually its true what he said about Black Americans, many Africans look up to you!

  4. Good morning my brother. It was good being in your presents and sharing energy yesterday as we taught and learned from each other. I look forward to many more teaching and learning session in the feature. I have business meetings from 9am to 5pm in Philly on July 17 and 18. Maybe one of those day after my meeting we can together. Have a wonderful day.

    B Well & Enjoy Your Life.
    Akmal Muwwakkil, Ph.D, LMT, DA.c

  5. Abdul Rahman ibn Al Lee Bey says:

    Great information for our community.

  6. Robert g. says:

    Mr. Umar Johnson I applaud the great work you are doing and real eyes, realize, real lies that makes us come together for a new beginning. Thanks for the enlightment and you got one more follower.

  7. Silvana says:

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    thanks admin

  8. Austin D. Bell says:

    Extraordinary! Awesome!

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