Logic WHO ME? The Mixtape

The first video from the NEW solo release from Ruffmic of Precise Science…Who Me? The Mixtape CD/DVD is now HERE!!! Reelfreedom Productions caught your brother in the Tubman City community building and basking in the glow of Hip Hop Culture. This jam is simply a invitation into the mind of a father, a scholar, an artist, an evolutionary and down to earth teamplayer for the Pan Afrikan Movement throughout the DIASPORA while he spits exactly how sees things at this very moment. Mic2Mouth Music is proud to present to the people…your comrade Ruffmic

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Love & Sacrifice

Guerrilla Republik anthem

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Who Me? feat. Nu Analog

Sneak peek at the new mixtape by Ruffmic of Precise Science

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Precise Science – Kemetaphysics

Ruffmic & the youth “Now who you gonna play when you need more than gangsta shit?”

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Time – Precise Science

What happens to time when time’s up? Track 8 off the “Everybody’s Not Gonna Make It” Mixtape

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